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Chef Renu Homsombat



Meet the inventive personality behind Saffron’s culinary creations and all Thai cuisine for Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts: Chef Renu Homsombat!

Chef Renu’s journey to becoming a chef began at a very early age, when Renu loved to join her mother in the kitchen of the small family-owned restaurant in her hometown . With her passion for cooking stimulated, she developed her skills and repertoire over the years to become an acclaimed chef appearing at international food festivals, and preparing dishes for Michelin-starred restaurants.

She has recently lent her talents to the German Schwarzwaldstube, the longest sustained 3-Michelin Star restaurant in Europe; Conde Nast in New York City; Millesime in Mexico City; the top-class Gourmet & Wien Festival in Rheingau, Germany; the Bangkok Gourmet Festival; and the 2-Michelin Star ECCO in Zurich.

Today, Chef Renu’s innovative skills and ardor for her work are reflected in the outstanding dishes Saffron serves every day. She is one of many bright stars in Banyan Tree’s constellation of talent, and makes regular appearances at the many Saffron restaurants worldwide.

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